how do we stop infestations?

posted on: 27 Nov, 2018 | posted by: Pestology Office

There are 2 parts to rat proofing:

1). Stopping them coming into your living areas – this means you will no longer see them, find droppings and they can’t contaminate foods/food preparation areas but they will still be able to access wall voids, floor voids etc.

2). Stopping them accessing the building fabric – this means you will no longer hear them and they won’t be able to damage pipes, electricals etc.


Rats are notoriously active gnawers with teeth that measure 5.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness – this means aluminium, copper, iron, brick & cement are all passable given time and intent.

You can certainly forget expanding foam and wire wool – you are talking minutes in terms of rat resistance

We base our proofing on steel – this comes in the form of various flexible and rigid meshes and is secured in place with hot melt and/or silicone adhesives

Most importantly of all, our chaps have state of the art, high illumination inspection cameras to visually assess areas that are concealed by fixtures such as behind kitchen units, soil pipes, hot water cylinders etc.

We also have all of the specialist tooling and access equipment to remove appliances (even where they’re integrated) and so we can not only find these concealed entry points, we can get to them too – all without removing the kitchen units!

This combination of high grade proofing materials and specialist tooling results in such a consistently comprehensive product, we issue a 1 year guarantee against the further ingress of rats into the living areas once the proofing is completed

All rooms within a property are considered when we proof internally – just doing the kitchen won’t stop them popping out somewhere else.

We don’t generally need to survey for internal rat proofing and can offer rapid response times to a fixed price


We’ll always survey to address this aspect as its impossible to accurately diagnose over the phone and a CCTV drain survey may also be needed

Should drainage defects be confirmed via CCTV, our operatives are trained pipe patch repair installers allowing us to fix minor pipe defects using internal resin patches without having to excavate – this saves a lot of money and disruption if the defect is under your extension!

Sometimes the defect cannot be easily repaired and the only option is to install a one-way valve so as to stop rats reaching the defect whilst still allowing waste to pass through to the sewer

There are a lot of one-way valves on the market these days and as with much in life some are virtually useless, some are mediocre and only one or two are very good

Unfortunatey there is no one valve that is the best for every situation – some designs are better for the modern PVC pipes with their cramped inspection chambers and some designs are better for traditional clay pipes with their less uniform shape.

The installation of these valves also needs careful attention to detail to ensure that the valve can accommodate an abnormal loading and does not affect the flow or operation of the drain in anyway.

Don’t believe what others may say about valves - the correct valve choice installed correctly is a very effective method of stopping rats reaching a drainage defect and is something that requires virtually no maintenance

Get the wrong valve fitted incorrectly and you’ll add blocking drains to your problem list alongside a still persisting rat issue

Get a valve fitted to a drain that isn’t your property and you risk liability issues – sewer law can be complicated!

We only fit Vermend and Ratflap units – these are both top-end valves (think Rolls Royce & Lexus) and are exceptionally well designed with 100% 316 stainless steel construction

ensuring long, trouble-free life

Our operatives have all the equipment and know-how to fit these valves competently complete with a check and sign-off procedure

Where rats are accessing via above ground routes, we can mesh proof/cement proof all such areas using materials and methods that can’t be by-passed

Where rats are thought to be accessing via neighbouring properties, we have specialist tracked CCTV camera units to survey part wall lines below floors

Because we’re a full accredited pest control company, we can even introduce baits and traps to certain scenarios where we want to remove any trapped in individuals or confirm that eradication is complete

All our work is comprehensively photographed and detailed so as to provide full auditability into the process – useful if you wish to try and recover costs from house insurance, landlords etc.


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