Why can't pest controllers solve my rat problem?

posted on: 19 Nov, 2018 | posted by: Pestology Office

Firstly we are a fully licensed pest control company so we know exactly how pest controllers think. 

Pest controllers are trained to use baits and traps – it’s a reactive strategy aimed at control rather than a proactive strategy aimed at eradication 

The suppliers of baits, traps and sprays rely on the industry using them and the training is generally facilitated by the suppliers so there is little incentive or encouragement for pest controllers to think outside of this sheltered existence (in our experience) 

Why or how pests are infesting a certain area is not really focused on - the focus is on the behaviour of the various animals/insects and the ins/outs/hazards/benefits of the various forms of control

In short, pest control is about killing pests rather than stopping the pests being there in the first place 

Baits and traps may kill rats but if the source of the problem is not fixed, then more rats simply replace those killed off – it’s a never ending process that is ‘controlled’ rather than ‘erradicated’ 

This is commercially beneficial for the pest controller(and the pest control suppliers) as repeat‘control’ visits provide repeat, continual business!

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