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What's wrong with having rats in my building?

Rats are listed as a public health pest for good reason.

If they are emerging into your living areas (i.e. you are finding droppings, seeing rats) then they will be spreading bacteria via their bodies, urine and droppings onto your floors, kitchen cupboards and work surfaces – Google away to frighten yourself on the full range of potential diseases!

The most significant risk is Weils disease, whichalthough is only carried by a small percentage of rats, causes flu-like symptoms in humans that can result in death if left untreated.
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Why can't pest controllers solve my rat problem?

Firstly we are a fully licensed pest control company so we know exactly how pest controllers think.

Pest controllers are trained to use baits and traps – it’s a reactive strategy aimed at control rather than a proactive strategy aimed at eradication.

The suppliers of baits, traps and sprays rely on the industry using them and the training is generally facilitated by the suppliers so there is little incentive or encouragement for pest controllers to think outside of this sheltered existence (in our experience).
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What happens if I just use baits and traps myself?

You may kill/catch some rats but it’s by no means a given.

Rats can show high levels of resistance to certain baits which tends to be regionally distributed – active ingredients such as bromodialone and difenacoum for example are particularly susceptible to this.

Even if the rat is susceptible to a given active ingredient, they still have to consume a lethal dose which can be surprisingly high so nibbled baits do not automatically equal dead rats.
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Why do rats live in drains?

And how do they invade your building fabric?

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time to call the specialists

Rat infestations of building fabrics are a rapidly increasing phenomenon in UK cities and towns and the vast majority of pest control companies are amazingly unequipped to deal with them.

Why? Because in the vast majority of situations, the route of entry is from the drainage system buried beneath the house. This means it’s not a visible area and falls under the expertise of drainage contractors rather than pest controllers.

But drainage contractors know very little about rats! So that illusive holy grail of a correct diagnosis and the corresponding remedial works typically drops between the knowledge gap of drainage contractors & pest controllers.

This is where we come in – as a fully licensed pest control company with a specialisation in rat related drainage problems.

We not only have all of the drainage equipment to inspect and repair drains, we also have trained, full time staff so we don’t need to sub-contract any element and can completely control the whole exercise in house

There is no scenario that we can’t solve, we explain our logic and findings every step of the way and we guarantee our works with a 1 year defects period so you can invest in confidence

No more rats. Guaranteed

How we stop infestations

And how we can prevent them for you

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